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Emerging and Established Artist Exchange (EEE) offers young artists the experience of working as a professional artist in Chicago through developing their skills of presentation, networking, organization and self-promotion.

In this mentorship program, college students who are seriously engaged in a specific artistic discipline apply to work one-on-one with an established Chicago artist working in the student’s field of interest. Over the course of several months, the emerging and established artists work together to develop and execute a single project for the student, whether it be an exhibition, concert, reception, screening, or any recognizable outcome that results in professional traction.

As opposed to arts education programs that focus specifically on the artistic techniques of creative work, EEE puts an emphasis on the practical and entrepreneurial elements of an active artistic practice: networking, promotion, booking, budgeting, and writing press releases and artist statements. By focusing primarily on the process beyond creation, the EEE program aspires to expose young artists to the following valuable experiences:

1) An opportunity to present their work in public (outside of their academic environment) as a professional
2) The challenge of managing a self-initiated project with a timeline and budget
3) Consistent feedback from a professional in their industry
4) A foot-in-the-door to the Chicago art scene through new relationships with working artists and established venues
5) An opportunity to add substantial work to their body of work, artist portfolio, and professional resume

Through this program, Homeroom helps prepare the next generation of artists to enter the adult world with some of the skills required to make a living in the creative arts.