Our Mission

Homeroom designs artistic projects and programs with two core values: conversation and collaboration. We build programming structures with artists, audiences, curators and venues to create an artistic dialogue with shared and far-reaching impact.

Our Philosophy

Homeroom promotes artistic experimentation and growth by liberating artists from the financial and artistic constraints imposed by traditional institutional and commercial channels.

Our Programs

Homeroom creates collaborative, multidisciplinary arts programs guided by key values and goals:

  • Highlight new collaborations, perspectives, and presentational formats;

  • Bring together artists from different genres and media, often challenging them to produce work outside their standard practice or with new and relevant considerations;

  • Commission artists to make new work whenever possible;

  • Compensate artists and curators for their time and talent;

  • Partner with artists and organizations who best fit the qualities of each program; and

  • Provide insight and transparency into artistic and curatorial processes.


Board of Directors

Michael Smith, Chairman

Jessica Tovrov, Secretary 

Joe Bogdan

Cara Dehnert Huffman

Jeanine Pekkarinen



Michael Smith, Executive Director

Paul Giallorenzo, Artistic Director

Aaron Rodgers, Programming Officer

Seth Vanek, Programming Officer

Tselanie Townsend, Digital Coordinator

Phillip Sudderberg, External Relations Manager

Colin Palombi, Curator

Fred Sasaki, Curator

Keidra Chaney, Curator

Eileen Truong, Bookkeeper

Homeroom's financial statements from FY17 and FY18 are available here.