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Emerging & Established Artist Exchange: Megan Mills Film Screening

  • Nightingale Cinema 1084 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 (map)

The End

A Collection and Collaboration of Artists

Storytelling Showcase Highlights a Variety of Young Female Artists

Megan Mills is a participant in the 2014/15 Emerging and Established Artist Exchange - a program that offers young artists the experience of working as a professional artist in Chicago through developing their skills of presentation, networking, organization and self-promotion. She was paired with mentor Morgan Lord, a writer, actor and improviser. 

In this mentorship program, college students who are seriously engaged in a specific artistic discipline apply to work one-on-one with an established Chicago artist working in the student’s field of interest. Over the course of several months, the emerging and established artists work together to develop and execute a single project for the student, whether it be an exhibition, concert, reception, screening, or any recognizable outcome that results in professional traction.

"The End," is a showcase of under-21 storytelling in a variety of mediums. Young female artists will share their narrative-focused work. Reality meets the absurd and truth meets fiction in this mash-up of genre and personality: where one stops the other begins.

Sara Livingston, Columbia College Associate Professor of TV and Film says, “[Storytelling] gives us a real window into other people’s lives and other people’s experiences.” “The End” seeks to encourage young artists to relate and connect with each other through these shared stories.

A short film by Megan Mills, also titled “The End”, will be debuted. The film is a documentary and presentation of storytelling that seeks to uncover “what makes a good story” and “why storytelling is important.”

Storytelling is deeply ingrained in all human life, giving structure to history, education, and overall culture. The impact of storytelling has not lessened, instead enhanced through the development of mass media. What has changed over time is the mediums through which stories are told. This is what the event seeks to highlight, presenting all kinds of stories told in a diverse range of forms.

“The End” will include performances from Katie Mae Weber and Natalie Silverman, screenings of short films by Elizabeth Regan and Valarie Green, and paintings by Mia Neumann.

Megan Mills is a writer and filmmaker originally from Los Angeles. She is a Californian Art Scholar, having graduated from the California State Summer School for the Arts for creative writing in 2012, and has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade. With a focus on sketch and screenwriting, she emphasizes and highlights aspects of storytelling in her work. Her short documentary “The End” revolves entirely around the concept of storytelling and what makes a good story.

Katie Mae Weber is a young actress and comedian from Denver. She focuses on encapsulating the spirit of her generation through storytelling and humor. Past roles of hers include Lucy from Avenue Q, Dotty in Noises Off, and involvement in a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At “The End” she will be sharing the magically realistic, epic poem of growing up with her “devil” of a little sister.

Natalie Silverman is an actress, stand-up comedian, and improvisor originally from Massachusetts.

Valarie Green wants to make the world a funnier place. Having previously worked with nonfiction film and television projects, she’s started venturing into fictional scripts and digital shorts, such as her film, “This Is Snot Happening,” the tale of a congested boy who dreams he is a militaristic booger inside his own nose. Her influences include shows such as The Office, The Mighty Boosh, and Master Chef Junior.

Elizabeth Regan is a filmmaker and comedic writer studying television in Chicago. Her film, “Shit Happens” received the audience favorite award at its screening due to its fast-cut editing style and relatable poop-humor. Catch her upcoming experimental film “To-Go” on May 16th at The Nightingale!

Mia Margita Neumann is not just one type of artist; she is a painter, film photographer, performer, cinematographer, illustrator, sculptor, curator, seamstress, feminist, writer and activist. Coming from a long line of artists, Mia was born to create. Art is recorded in her genetic makeup. Everything she touches develops into bizarre ways to let her creativity breathe. Once she becomes inspired by something, she will not stop until it becomes a reality. Mia is small but mighty, planted in Chicago but her head is in the stars.