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Ten x Ten is a collaboration between visual artists and musicians exploring visual and auditory interaction. By challenging artists to conceptualize their work across media, Ten x Ten asks participants to stretch and expand their creative process. Through producing a limited edition compilation and public presentation of the resulting artworks, Ten x Ten documents, celebrates, and promotes Chicago’s artistic community.

The Ten x Ten project began in 2010 as a way to upend the usual creative economy between Chicago bands and printmakers--a relationship largely built around show posters. Originally conceived by Colin Palombi, the project is now realized by the efforts of Homeroom Chicago, Spudnik Press Cooperative, and a rotating cast of individuals and organizations.

Ten x Ten 2015

The 2015 iteration brings together visual artists and musicians that incorporate improvisation into their art practice. With Elastic Arts Foundation as our guest curator, we highlight improvisational jazz and investigate how artists across media interpret improvisation.

Please download the Ten x Ten 2015 Release Concert & Exhibition Press Release for details.

2015 Visual Artists

Ten x Ten 2015 Release Event
Saturday, September 12, 9:00pm
Elastic Arts, 3429 W Diversey Ave. #208

Ten x Ten 2015 Exhibition
Friday, November 13, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Chicago Art Department, 1932 S. Halsted, #100

Ten x Ten 2013

Ten x Ten 2013 investigates the relationship between color and sound. Through exploring the underlying concepts of synesthesia, both academically and intuitively, artists and composers have worked together to produce artwork that takes the form of both a fine art print and an original score. Ten x Ten 2013 was presented by Access Contemporary Music, Homeroom Chicago, and Spudnik Press. Edition of 200.

Please visit the Spudnik Press Shop to purchase the 2010 Ten x Ten.

Ten x Ten 2012

Ten x Ten 2012 matches visual artists and recording artists to work in collaboration to produce a song and print reflecting on the theme "Lost and Found.” Many of the contributors are of and inspired by the Hip Hop Generation, yet the artistic, musical, and thematic merit runs the gamut. Ten x Ten 2013 was presented by Dan "Sully" Sullivan, Homeroom Chicago, and Spudnik Press.  Edition of 200.

Please visit the Spudnik Press Shop to purchase the 2012 Ten x Ten.

Ten x Ten 2010

Ten x Ten 2010 asked visual artists to invite a musician or band to join the project by recording an original song. The artists then visually responded to the recording. visually. Ten x Ten 2010 was presented by Spudnik Press and Homeroom Chicago. Edition of 275.

Please visit the Spudnik Press Shop to purchase the 2010 Ten x Ten.

See and Hear Ten x Ten 2010

Featured print and song collaborations:

Tom Smith with Blasted Diplomats
Sonnenzimmer with Jason Adasiewicz 
 Colin Palombi with Netherfriends
Angee Lennard with Strictly Jug Nuts
Sanya Glisic with Max Alexander 
Joey Potts with Nones
Dee Clements with Locks
Grant Reynolds with Christine Kick
Onsmith with Sky Event
Kathleen Judge with The Late Model Races