School Night

Formerly known as 101, School Night is an informal lecture and discussion series in which experts and enthusiasts explore popular and subculture in front of a drinking crowd. 




Past events:

February 21, 2018, School Night: Anger Management / Working with Rage featuring guests Megan StielstraDiddle Knabb, and Michi Trota at the Hungry Brain

January 24, 2017, School Night: Self-care as Warfare featuring Alice Berry, Jes Skolnik, and Asean Johnson at the Museum of Contemporary Art

April 19, 2016, School Night: How to Politically Correct featuring Tim Barnes, Kristiana Rae Colon,Tim Jones-Yelvington, and H. Melt at the Museum of Contemporary Art

December 15, 2015 School Night: Self Portrait in a Kanye Mirror featuring Krista FranklinAllison GlennLisa Yun Lee with Kevin CovalJ. Johari PalacioAnthony Stepter at Museum of Contemporary Art

November 11, 2014 Dark Net 101Online Privacy, Piracy, and Human Experimentation featuring Christina Cowen, Nell Taylor and Cassandra Troyan

October 14, 2014 Fan Fiction 101Slip, Slash, and Scrub featuring Featuring Keidra Chaney and Ray Van Fox

July 26, 2014 Racist Jokes 101: #OwnYourWords, 9:00pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art, featuring Rebecca O'NealTim Barnes, and Suey Park plus a short film by poet and filmmaker Nick Twemlow.

June 10, 2014 Pro-creativity 101: Making Art Babies, featuring visual artists Alberto Aguilar and Lise Haller Baggesen, curator Allison Grant, poet Jennifer Steele, and maker Tselanie Townsend.

May 13, 2014 Food Culture 101: The Art of Eating featuring Cyndi Fecher and Brian Solem, Eric May and Kristina Meyer

December 10th, 2013 Hulk 101 featuring Ray Van Fox, Noah Berlatsky, Dana Bassett, Lindsey Smith, Rachel N. Swanson, 

October 29th, 2013 Barbie 101 featuring Jamie Kazay, Robyn Pennacchia, Tim "TinTim" Jones-Yelvington 

December 2012 Sun Ra 101 featuring John Corbett and Mike Reed

October 2012 R Kelly 101 featuring Ed Crouse, Christy LeMaster,  Jenny Benevento and Jake Austen

April 2012 Wu-tang 101 featuring Sherron Shabazz

February 2012 Godzilla 101 featuring Larry Mayo

November 2011 Steampunk 101 featuring Joe Mason, Joseph Vorteque and Fay Kabian

October 2011 Footwork 101 featuring Miles Raymer and FootworKINGZ

September 2011 Mixology 101 featuring Mike Ryan and Roger Kamholz

August 2011 Britney Spears 101 featuring Liz MasonChristopher Smit, and Judy Hoffman

April 2011 Underground Comix 101 featuring Joe Tallarico, George Hansen, and Edie Fake

March 2011 Horror 101 featuring Adam Hart and Megan Milks

February 2011 Hobos 101 featuring Tony Fitzpatrick and Paul Durica

December 2010 Song Poems 101 featuring Ed Crouse and Tiny Cover Band

November 2010 Heavy Metal 101 featuring Michael Robbins and Keidra Chaney

October 2010 Archaeology of Chicago Music 101 featuring Rob Sevier and Steve Krakow

September 2010 Music Copyright 101 featuring Thomas Irvin, Miles Raymer and Johnathan Crawford

August 2010 Juggalos 101 featuring Jenny Benevento and Derek Erdman

May 2010 Anne Elizabeth Moore

April 2010 Mairead Case

March 2010 - Michelle Garcia

February 2010  Shawn Campbell

December 2009  Jay Ryan and Paul Hornschemeier

November 2009  J.C. Gabel