Physics for Listeners

Physics for Listeners – A commissioned concert series that presents new work from young composers in both the contemporary classical and jazz/improvised scenes in Chicago.

Physics for Listeners: a Composers’ Concert is an exploration of the techniques and approaches of young Chicago composers. Homeroom invites composers from a range of backgrounds to compose for a single ensemble and in 2012, the ensemble was comprised of the composers themselves. Physics for Listeners encourages collaboration, experimentation, and dialogue amongst the composers, providing insight into the similarities and differences that define each composer and his or her approach.

While Chicago, much like other cities, contains separate genres and groups that include jazz/improv and contemporary classical music, many differences are superficial. The last 50 years has witnessed total liberation in harmony, structure and form. Jazz no longer always swings, and contemporary classical music often incorporates improvisation and chance. Physics for Listeners demonstrates that while distinct scenes and schools still exist in Chicago, the composer’s voice is unique and can transcend these divisions.

Physics for Listeners: a Composers’ Concert 2010
Physics for Listeners: a Composers’ Concert 2012

2012 Participants:
William Raynovich
Dan Mohr
Katherine Young
Tim Daisy
Tobin Summerfield
Matthew Dotson

2010 Participants:
Keefe Jackson
James Falzone
Guillermo Gregorio
Kyle Vetger
Frank Rosaly
Eric Malmquist