Summer Sessions on 8/24 & Other Exciting News

Summer Sessions on Logan Square: free concert & BYOPicnic on Saturday, August 24th

Homeroom and the Whistler are proud to present the second and final concert in the Summer Sessions on Logan Square 2013 seasonThe free concert and BYOPicnic will take place on Saturday, August 24th from 5 to 8pm at the monument in Logan Square: 3200 W. Logan Boulevard. 


The featured bands include: 

The RunniesFuture Hits, and Matt Ulrey's Loom. See descriptions below and check out an interview with Matt Baron from Future Hits here.

There will also be a raffle with some amazing prizes from Boiler Room, Wolfbait & B-Girls, Lula Cafe, New Wave Coffe, All Star Pet Care, Reno/Telegraph, Revolution Brewing, Play, Chicago Diner, Homeroom and the Whistler.

The Runnies deliver a Farfisa organ and guitar driven garage rock beneath Mary McKane’s howling, snarling and scolding vocals.

Future Hits is curriculum-based rock music for kids, families and teachers. Their well crafted tunes inspire folks of all ages to go to the library, look both ways when crossing the street, and take family road trips.

Matt Ulrey's Loom performs a mature modern jazz, pulling influence from classical, rock and folk. Complex harmonies and rhythms are fluidly explored through beautiful and lyrical melodies and themes.

In other news, the screen printing for Ten x Ten 2013 has begun and the recording will begin in a few weeks. The prints will be on display and the compositions will be performed on Friday, November 15th at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

Ten x Ten 2013 provides a unique opportunity for visual artists and music composers to collaborate in a meaningful, shared creation. The product explores how visual and auditory senses can interact artistically while providing documentation of Chicago’s visual art and contemporary music communities. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project.


Homeroom is partnering with composer and curator Christopher Preissing to create a new program called “Experiments in Space and Time” and we are looking for proposals for performances/experiments. Proposals are due March 1st and there is a mandatory meeting on April 6th. 

Experiments in Space and Time: Call for Proposals


Homeroom and Experiments in Space and Time (E-S-T) are seeking proposals for time-based arts Experiments from individuals and groups of composers, improvisers, video artists, dancers, actors, etc. Proposals must respond to the theme of proximity in space and time, and include a live performative component. This is not a call for sound installations. Selected artists will participate in a collaborative process in which the central theme of proximity will be addressed and the overall structure and execution of the event will be planned. All artists must participate in this process.

Proximity refers both to absolute and relative distance between and among events emitted by individual art sources, be they sound, bodily movement, light, etc. In The Film Sense, Sergei Eisenstein observed “We are accustomed to make, almost automatically, a definite and obvious deductive generalization when any separate objects are placed before us side by side.” The goal of this first Experiment will be to determine at what point—in space and/or time—individual unrelated events and groups of events become fused, and, when fused at what point do they separate.

In addition to an experiment presented by Christopher Preissing, Mark Baldridge and Kristina Isabelle, 2-3 additional experiments will be selected for this event.

Proposals for performances (not more than 20-30 minutes) should include the following information:
project description, i.e. media, performers, other requirements
relationship to the theme (proximity)
goal or anticipated findings of the experiment
brief description of audience feedback/collection methodology (to be finalized after selection)
anticipated budget
one page resume indicating your ability to execute the experiment
contact information

Proposals are due by March 1st and should be emailed to:

Proposals will be reviewed by Homeroom and Christopher Preissing for suitability and feasibility. Selected experimenters will be notified by March 11. Initial meeting will be on April 6th at 1pm

Experiments in Space and Time is a research and performance project created by Christopher Preissing and sponsored by Homeroom that investigates the relationships among time-based art forms and spectators, both individually and in various combinations. Consisting of an ongoing series of discrete events in unique spaces, E-S-T will bring together two or more art forms and collaborators to design an original experiment or experiments that examine these relationships and their effect the spectator. As part of the project each “Experiment” will be measured and documented, spectator surveys and discussions will be held, and results will be made available publicly with the goal of publication.