Walk In/Rock Out Friday at The Burlington

This Friday is an exciting opportunity for Homeroom’s network to throw down some heavy rock and have some fun - the bill includes the bands of Homeroom’s staff and Board of Directors. Here's what they have to say about their music and their love for Homeroom. 

How would you describe your sound in 5 word or less?

Roommate: Sonically/lyrically rich art pop.

The Paver: Baroque-core.

Ballcock Assembly: Higgs-Boson confined by electric fence.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Roommate:  Lately, the band has been digging deep into a song called "Wilderness" from our forthcoming album MAKE LIKE. It's the shortest song in the catalog. Kind of like a haiku, maybe. 

The Paver: Pity Industry, 13 Knots and Trust. Once in a blue moon we like to play a quiet song like Niagara Falls. 

Ballcock Assembly:  "Charlie"  It's one of the first songs I wrote and we play it completely unconsciously.  It's about a crazy old hippy hitch hiker we picked up road-tripping in college.  We posed for a picture with him when we dropped him off.  In the song, however, we kill him and dump his body at a rest area.

If your band were to "dress up" as another band for a Halloween show, which band would it be and why?

Roommate: In the past, we've played entire nights of music by The Cure using our full, five-piece band formation. 4/5's of the band were practically raised by The Cure, the music is dynamic and melodic as hell, and audiences really enjoy it. In fact, we'll be doing it again on Saturday, November 8th at the Burlington!

The Paver: Milemarker

Ballcock Assembly: Klaus Nomi backed up by various Nascar drivers.  Because it just feels right.

4. What is your favorite thing about Homeroom?

Roommate: Homeroom takes bold risks and fosters cross-pollination between disparate creative communities, generating art works where they might not have existed before. 

The Paver: Homeroom works hard to fill gaps in cultural programming and supports lesser-known artists all on a very small budget. It's inspiring to see what they produce each semester.

Ballcock Assembly: Art is important because it is a language that cuts across all cultural barriers.  Thanks to the board for having us play. 

5. If your band was hired to play at Joan Rivers' funeral, which song would you play?

Roommate: We don't play weddings or funerals. 

The Paver:  Candle in the Wind

Ballcock Assembly: "Could You Be The One" would be a no-brainer since Husker Du played that on her talk show.  If you haven't see it, do yourself a favor and jump in the tub right now with a glass of wine and your tablet. Great TV.  "Miss World" by Hole would pretty wicked, too.  But if she was still with us, I'm certain she would want someone to play Fok Julle Naaiers from Die Antword.  In Afrikaans, it roughly translates to "Fuck you, you fuckers."  
Alav hashalom, Joanie.

Lasers and Fast and Sh!t, The Paver, Roommmate and Ballcock Assembly play at the Burlington this Friday, September 26th at 9pm.

$8 suggested donation supports Homeroom's Fall Semester. DJ Dave Ksander spins in the front room. 21+