Songwriter Showcase at Elastic Mashups

We've added a very special Songwriter Showcase as part of Elastic Mashups: A Festival of Everyday

FESTIVAL OF EVERYDAY : avant jazz, spoken word, improvised electronics, poetry, songwriters, video, contemporary music, performance, and puppetry

Over 3 days (May 15th-17th), Elastic is showcasing some of the many diverse artists, presenters and organizations Elastic has been working with, some for over 15 years.

On May 16th at 8pm, Elastic Mashups features Real Talk Live organizers and performers, who’ve been curating a monthly literary, performance, and open mic series at Elastic since 2011, as well as Homeroom, which has been presenting singer/songwriters and other events at Elastic regularly since 2008. Elastic co-founder and Hip Hop Series curator Sam “samiam” Lewis will be DJing throughout the night. Live music by Donna Polydoros and Tiny Fireflies

Purchase advance tickets here.

In addition to the Elastic Mashups, Homeroom has one more Songwriter Showcase for our Spring Semester on May 24th at 9pm. Click here for more info.