The Nightingale Cinema

Pal-entine's Day: A Look at our Non-profit Participants

Homeroom is excited to have several Chicago non-profits join our Pal-entine's Day celebration of friendship. Hosted by our own Seth Vanek, we plan to play our version of Friendly Feud with teams from CHIRP RadioElastic ArtsThe Nightingale Cinema and Spudnik Press Cooperative. Who will win?


The Nightingale is a “microcinema” specializing in presenting experimental, emerging, and independent cinema. Founded in 2008 by a group of cinephiles and filmmakers, The Nightingale hosts over 50 screenings annually. The Nightingale goes beyond the typical film screening by pairing film with live music, live-improvised film and other interactive media that engages audiences. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, The Nightingale has upgraded both their digital and 16mm projections as well as their sound systems. Chicago has many options for going to the movies and the Nightingale is a hidden gem where you can see a vast segment of film not shown at your local multiplex.

1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.