Spudnik Press Cooperative

Pal-entine's Day: A Look at our Non-profit Participants

Homeroom is excited to have several Chicago non-profits join our Pal-entine's Day celebration of friendship. Hosted by our own Seth Vanek, we plan to play our version of Friendly Feud with teams from CHIRP RadioElastic ArtsThe Nightingale Cinema and Spudnik Press Cooperative. Who will win?


Spudnik Press Cooperative is a unique community art space that offers a wide array of services from printing classes to design work to equipment and studio rentals. Founded by Angee Lennard in 2007 out of her one-bedroom apartment, Spudnik Press now boasts a large multi-use space. The Printshop section of Spudnik Press offers printmaking facilities and services to all artists. Those interested in learning more about screenprinting, letterpress, relief, intaglio, offset, and lithography can take one of many classes available throughout the year. The Annex area of Spudnik Press is a beautiful open room for exhibitions, classes and other gatherings. The Annex also has an informative reference library. Whether it’s to have a show poster screened or to join a drawing group, Spudnik Press continues to successfully drawn in people from all parts of Chicago. Having grown considerably since its inception, we can’t wait to see where Spudnik goes from here!

1821 W. Hubbard St, Suite 302    spudnikpress.org