Pal-entine's Day: A Look at our Non-profit Participants

Homeroom is excited to have several Chicago non-profits join our Pal-entine's Day celebration of friendship. Hosted by our own Seth Vanek, we plan to play our version of Friendly Feud with teams from CHIRP RadioElastic ArtsThe Nightingale Cinema and Spudnik Press Cooperative. Who will win?


CHIRP (Chicago Independent Radio Project) is a local radio station dedicated to playing under-appreciated music that Chicagoans enjoy. Broadcast live daily from their North Center studios, CHIRP highlights the diversity of Chicago by giving listeners a unique option, quite different from the commercial and corporate FM stations that dominate the airwaves. CHIRP radio is not only a treat for the ears, but through its vast volunteer base greatly helped in the passing of the Local Community Radio Act, allowing for low-powered FM radio broadcasting. While CHIRP waits for the FCC to approve their broadcasting license, listeners can stream CHIRP's friendly and innovating programming online at